About Us

Our corporation, TridentPlus Universal Pte. Ltd., owns Printer Guard and was established on March 15th, 2004 in Singapore.

– Unique Entity Number (UEN): 200403003N.
– Registered Office: 20, Maxwell Road, #09-17, Maxwell House, Singapore 069113.
– Website: tridentpus.net (currently undergoing a major revamp) / printerguard.com.
– Contact Information.

We started out as a learning instruction company in the early 1990s under several banners, namely, TridentPlus Global, Vedic Cybercom, Vedic2000 Dot Com and Vedic Publishing And Mktg Consultants. We eventually evolved into many areas, some of which are: business management, consultancy, training, astrology, numerology, publication of books, e-books, etc.

Being in the on-demand publishing business, we print a lot! We have been using compatible generic ink for years in all our printers (inkjet and laser) and found them to be reliable and extremely cost-effective compared to expensive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer or branded) ink. We continually strive to pass cost-savings back to our end-users.

“Necessity is the mother of invention!” Some of the best inventions of our time were as a result of need! We realized that inkjet printer heads/nozzles tend to clog often with sporadic and/or infrequent use. Also, inconsistent or low-grade generic ink affected performance, productivity and efficiency. It appeared that this phenomenon was encountered by many inkjet printer users of both OEM and generic ink, world over.

We decided to get to the root of the problem and designed Printer Guard from ground up. We went back to basics and created a simple but highly effective software with a small footprint and which would run on minimal computer resources in the background 24/7/365! It also had to run regularly and have little user intervention. Printer Guard works even when you forget!

However, due to the current limitation of information technology where the computer is not designed to capture and store the Serial or ID Number of connected equipment except for hard disks and thumb drives, we were unable to hardware-lock an inkjet printer to a specific computer to run our low-cost, affordable subscription based model. Basically, this meant that a user can buy one subscription but use it on as many inkjet printers as he/she wanted. Also, he/she can copy our software and use it on as many computers as he/she wanted without having to pay for this important utility. This would have been an abuse of our work in developing this essential tool.

This was our greatest challenge! After much research and development, we fashioned our very own proprietary inkjet printer unique identifier system which helped us capture and store the required ID number on our servers; we can now successfully tie in a particular inkjet printer to a specific computer. This is a world first!

After extensive testing, we are releasing Printer Guard v1.0 as a “Demo Version”. The software is free to download. It runs on Windows XP SP2 through to Windows 10 and needs an Internet connection to validate a connected inkjet printer. Every user gets to test the “Demo Version” for 30 days for free. At the end of it, if you feel that it helps your inkjet printer run smoothly without nozzle clogs, you may purchase the software at an introductory 50% discounted price of US$0.99/month (Regular price is US$1.49/month) or US$11.88/year (Regular price is US$17.88/year) to enjoy unhindered printer head ink-flow protection.

We keep the ink flowing!

Save the Earth while you’re at it!

Stop wastage!

Save money!

Team Printer Guard