Who needs Printer Guard?

If you print infrequently.

If you forget to print a test image in black and in color, at least once a week.

If you use OEM, generic ink or both, but still use it infrequently.

If you find that your ink is all used up with many self-cleaning in-built printing cycles.

If you use generic ink from vendors without verifying their ink quality.

If you don’t want to be frustrated every time you want to print occasionally, only to find the print quality unacceptable due to dried up nozzles.

If you like unclogging nozzles manually and getting your hands and clothing messy!

If you don’t mind braving the bad weather to run to the store to buy new ink cartridges (maybe even expensive ones) each time you decide to print every full moon!

If you have a lot of money and decide to throw away the printer which seems to be always giving you trouble every time you want to print during a blue moon!

If you just like getting upset over a simple matter as printing a page and wondering to yourself, “why me God … why does this happen to me always …”? – another one of those great mysteries of life …